At this time, I am only conducting workshops that were prior commitments for Quilt Guilds or Quilt Stores.

I am working with Gotham Quilt Store to offer a couple of Quick Step workshops in April 2021.  Please go to and sign up for their newsletter for more information.

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Dancing With The Wall: Improv Irene-Style

Two day class (16 hrs)


A fast-paced two-day workshop introducing the method of building a quilt one piece of fabric at a time, the way I build my own.  You will receive “tools” to use as building blocks, lots of individual attention, tips for piecing, composition and color. You will let your self-conscience and creativity drive your process to a unique expressions of your aesthetic and process. At the end of the workshop you will have most of a small quilt finished and an amazing sense of accomplishment!

Let go of your inhibitions! Tap into your creativity!

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Dancing With The Wall:  Improv Irene-Style Quick-step

All day class (7-8 hrs)

Using only two contrasting colors, you will learn how to construct the individual components used to make an improv Irene-style quilt. You will discover how fun it is to make many types of  stripes, triangles, squares and curves in new and original ways. Take home a 20-24” pillow top or mini-quilt ready to quilt as well as all the techniques to jump into a full size improv quilt.


3 day workshop

A fun 3 day workshop turning strips of fabric into "new striped fabric" and then cutting them into triangles and such and then transforming them into a, well, a transformer!

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