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2002: California Institute of the Arts, MFA, Studio Art/Painting

1999: University of Texas at Austin, BFA, Studio Art 



Quilt National, International Quilt Museum, Nebraska

Dallas Museum of Art, Dallas, TX

The University of Texas, Fine Arts Library, Austin, TX

Bank of America, North Carolina

Private Collections:  (including but not limited to) Tania Tanti, Beau and Valerie Armstrong, Laura and Phil Morrison, Lucinda Walker, Pokey Bolton, Christine Ricks, Jack and Amy Risley, Ruth Mendel, Dale and Jennifer Peterson AND Hanson Yates



Quilt National 2023, Judge

Q=A=Q 2023, Judge



"Irene Roderick Guardian Quilts"

January-April 2024

Solo Exhibit (8-10 quilts), Visions Museum of Textile Art, San Diego, CA

"Dancing With The Wall: Improv Quilts of Irene Roderick"

March 12, 2020-July 31, 2021

Solo Exhibit (17 quilts), Austin Public Library Exhibition Space, Central Branch



"Tiny Pieces Vast Visions 2024"

Visions Museum of Textile Art, San Diego, CA


"Tiny Pieces Vast Visions 2024"

National Quilt Museum, Paducah, KY



Art Quilt Elements 2024, "The Nanny" (withdrawn due to unforeseen circumstances), Wayne Art Center, Wayne PA



International Quilt Festival Juried, "The Nanny"

SAQA Exhibition “Intertwined” Twitter

SAQA Exhibition “Red” Red Queen

Quilt National 2023, "Bobbing, Panel 1 of 2"

Form, not Function, "The Conversation," The Carnegie Center, New Albany, IN

Visions 2023, "Grace 2: Joy," San Diego, CA

Quilt Con; "The Kiss," "Spotlight," "Hash Tags" and "Top Hats"



108 Contemporary Gallery, "Mark Makers Linked," Tulsa, OK

Q=A=Q, "The Nanny," Schweinfurth Art Center, Auburn, NY

Q=A=Q, "Twitter," Schweinfurth Art Center, Auburn, NY

International Quilt Festival Juried, "Conversation," Black Spring, Houston TX

QV22, "Markings in Black and Red," San Diego CA

Art Quilt Elements 2022, May 27 – July 30, "Royalty," Wayne Art Center, Wayne PA

Quilt National 2021 Tour, January 27 – April 9, October 16 – January 8 

Corona Spring, Ohio Arts Council Riffe Gallery; San Jose Museum of Quilts and Textiles

Quilt Con 2022, "Celebration," "Best Friends," "Voltron"



Quilts=Art=Quilts 2021, "Viola da Gama," "Celebration of Indigo,"

Schweinfurth, Auburn NY

Interpretations 2021, "Empty Speech Bubbles," Visions Art Museum, San Diego CA

Quilt National 2021, Corona Spring, Dairy Barn Arts Center, Athens OH

International Quilt Festival 2021, Special Exhibit, "Together In Unity," October 27-31

International Quilt Festival 2021, "Mark Makers Linked," "Markings in Black and White," Houston, TX 

Quilt Con Together 2021 (virtual), "Empty Speech Bubbles"



Quilts=Art=Quilts 2020, "John Prine," "Bonnie Raitt," Schweinfurth, Auburn NY

Quilt Con 2020, "Line Drawing Landscape," "She’s Lost Control Again," "Red Line," "Malapert," Austin, TX

Art Quilt Elements, 2020 (Virtual), "Dancing with Duchamp," Wayne Art Center, Wayne, PA

International Quilt Festival Virtual 2020, "John Prine," "Morg ‘n’ Me" Quilting Now! Juried Exhibition




"The Nanny," Juror's Choice, International Quilt Festival

"Conversation," First Place, Fiber Arts Magazine

"The Kiss," 3rd Place Improv, QuiltCon 2023



"Standing In Line at SXSW," Creativity Award; "Hi How Are You?" First Place, "Twitter," Judges Choice, Quilt Fest 2022, Austin, TX

"Twitter," Best of Show, Q=A=Q, Schweinfurth Art Center, Auburn, NY

"Markings in Black and Red," Japan Prize, Quilt Visions 2022, Visions Museum of Textile Art, San Diego, CA



"Line Drawing Landscape," First Place, Improvisation, Quilt Con 2020, Austin, TX 

"John Prine," Juror’s Award, Q=A=Q, Schweinfurth Art Center

"Drawing in Black and White," In The Abstract Award, Quilt Visions 2020, Visions Art Museum, San Diego, CA



"Mr. Bojangles," "Dance," Emerging Artist Purchase Award, Quilt National 2019 

"Peppermint Twist," 2nd place, 2-Color Challenge, Quilt Con 2019, Nashville, TN

"Dance in Celery," 2nd place, Improvisational Category, Quilt Con 2019, Nashville, TN



"Easy’s/2-J," First Place Modern, Quilt Fest Austin, Austin, TX




Fiber Arts Magazine, Fall 2023

“Maximalism” On-demand Video, The Modern Quilt Guild

“Which Category?” Webinar, The Modern Quilt Guild

Textile Talks, SAQA Intertwined Exhibition

Quilt National 2023

QuiltCon Magazine, 2023

SAQA Journal, Vol 33, No. 2, 2023

Simply Moderne, Issue 33

Simply Moderne, Issue 34



"Improv Quilting: Dancing With The Wall, Roderick, Irene," Penguin Random House Publishing

QuiltFolk 22, May 2022

Digital Cloth Magazine, Irene Roderick, Feb 2022

Art Quilting Magazine: Fall 2022, featured artist

Patchwork Professional (Germany), featured artist

Curated Quilts, Working in a Series, and featured quilt

Create Whimsey Digital Magazine

The Digital Cloth Digital Magazine, Australia

Quilters for Ukraine with Joe Cunningham

Quilt Buzz Podcast 

Quilting Stories Podcast



“Irene Roderick and the Fine Art of Improvisational Quilt Making” Sightlines Magazine, October 2021

Quilting Arts, Spring 2021, Issue 109, Artist Profile, by Cindy Grisdela,

Curated Quilts Magazine Issue 15, "Covid"

Curated Quilts Magazine Blog, May 25, 2021, "The Influence of Irene Roderick"



QuiltCon Magazine issue 2020 Issue 16; “Simply Moderne”

Simply Moderne Magazine Issue 17

Curated Quilts Magazine, Issue 07, Mini competition (juried);

Curated Quilts Magazine, Issue 08, Featured quilt (juried);

Curated Quilts Magazine, Issue 09, Mini competition (juried);

Curated Quilts Magazine, Issue 07, Featured quilt (juried)



Curated Quilts Magazine, Issue 04 , Featured quilt (juried), Mini competition (juried); Curated Quilts Magazine, Issue 05, Featured quilt (juried), Mini competition; (juried); Curated Quilts Magazine, Issue 06, Featured quilt (juried), Mini competition (juried)

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